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The modern era of streaming has given us so much choice, so many good films and television from all around the world. There isn’t a minute of the day when we can’t watch practically anything that we want, if it’s not on a streaming service it can be bought to watch digitally over the Internet.

Though this is brilliant for me there is a downside, too much choice, way too much choice. I’m crippled by analysis paralysis, skipping through all the services and not stopping on anything as the next choice may be better!

That’s one reason that I’ve started this blog, to give me a bit of a focus and to try and encourage me to make that choice.

One of the things I’ve done to help that is to make LISTS, I like lists, it also means I can use a random number generator to choose a film from the list and just go and watch that.

I’m also going to be running polls on Twitter and eventually on Patreon for people to vote on to help me decide as well, I always like getting recommends or even just people’s views on the four films I’ll put up for voting on.

Another app I’m going to use to try and relieve the pressure of choice is Reelgood which has a randomiser at the bottom of the main page throwing up a random choice based on the services you’ve entered.

Hopefully these methods should encourage me to watch more TV and film and will mean I have more to write about.

Testing this shizzle

Just testing how the various bits go onto the page and trying to figure out how I want to set out a review page, first a blurb from IMDB

Pingu Animation, Short, Comedy, Family | September 14, 1990 (United States) 7.4
Stars: Carlo Bonomi, David Sant, Marcello MagniSummary: Who is Pingu? He's a charming and cheeky young penguin who lives in the snow and ice of the South Pole. Often finding himself in tricky and comical situations, the mischievous penguin meets the challenges of life head on, as he grows into a cooler and wiser penguin along the way. The award-winning, stop-frame calymation show appeals to millions of fans worldwide. Pingu has fun chillin' with his family and friends at their Arctic home, but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cool adventures of this humorous penguin. Penguins have feelings too, and Pingu experiences the joys and frustrations of kids everywhere in these fun-filled stories. But sometimes things get out of hand as the mischievous little penguin goes from one "ice-capade" to another!


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