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I’ve been thinking about this process for a while as it seemed more straightforward than silver-based development at home and possibly I would be able to use the loft as an area to process the chemicals and the paper as it doesn’t need the absolutes of darkness that silver-based photography requires.

The other factor is that all it needs is tap water to fix the process once the paper has been exposed to sunlight, rather than the different trays of chemicals and fixes of traditional silver-based photography.

So I’m going to be ordering some chemicals from Silverprint once the loft has been cleared and sorted 🙂

originally posted 07/07/12

*update* we now have a shed not a loft, but it still needs cleaned out though I do have some chemicals and have dabbled further

Prayers of Steel

Angel of the North (1998), Antony Gormley.

Built at Hartlepool Steel Fabrications Ltd, the use of steel reminds us of the North’s industrial heritage, especially now when steel work is disappearing from the area once more.

A distinctive and well-loved landmark, this is a collection of images (collected from social media) taken from vehicles as they pass the Angel. Along with the image will be any comment the image maker made.

The images will be produced as 6×4 photographs, the size used for ‘snapshots’ and collected in different formats for display.

This has already been show at Palace Arts Gallery in Redcar and Settle Down in Newcastle.


A book will be ready for the 25th anniversary in 2023.



'Say No'

‘Say No’

First coined by Marion Shoard, the term edgelands refers to those in-between spaces created by urbanisation where space for nature still persists alongside cities, towns, shopping centres, motorways, canals, and so on. These zones sit between urban and rural areas, and they also sit uneasily between the two categories of urban and rural, often defying an easy definition.

Working in my usual areas of liminal spaces at the edge of towns this seemed like a natural extension of other projects that I’m working on, again this is an image dump and I will be working on these images to choose which I want to use to represent this idea, book and exhibition.

Art Manifesto



When I was studying for my Art History degree with the Open University I wrote an assignment concerning the development of the artist’s manifesto during the 19th and 20th century and how this was linked to a more individualistic approach to the arts rather than working from the ideals of the French, Italian or British schools of art.

Why Cheap Art?

Why Cheap Art?

Rather than develop this at this point in time I will just collect as many manifesto as I’ve found on these pages.

This list is a place marker of manifesto still to transcribe, I have already transcribed a few at another site ( and will just transfer those to here, eventually closing the Tumblr down.

  • Gustav Courbet ‘Realist Manifesto’ (1855)
  • F.T. Marinetti ‘The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism’ (1909)
  • Takamura KĹŤtarĹŤ ‘A Green Sun’ (1910)
  • F.T. Marinetti ‘Against Traditionalist Venice’ (1910)
  • Guillaume Apollinaire ‘On the Subject in Modern Painting’ (1912)
  • Valentine de Saint-Point ‘Manifesto of Futurist Manifesto’ (1912)
  • Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc ‘Preface to Der Blaue Reiter Almanac’ (1912)
  • Luigi Russolo ‘The Art of Noises’ (1913)
  • Mikhael Larionov and Natalya Goncharova ‘Rayonists and Futurists: A Manifesto’ (1913)
  • Guillaume Apollinaire ‘L’antitradition futuriste’ (1913)
  • Carlo CarrĂ  ‘The Painting of Sounds , Noises and Smells’ (1913)
  • Giacomo Balla ‘Futurist Manifesto of Men’s Clothing’ (1913)
  • Mina Loy ‘Aphorisms on Futurism’ (1914)
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  • Wyndham Lewis and others ‘Our Vortex’ (1914)
  • Wyndham Lewis and others ‘Manifesto’ (1914)
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