Book Buddy

Developed in conjunction with Maz Evans to help connect authors, book bloggers, publishers and others that have spare books with schools who are in need of books.

Ease of use and clarity were the main design points required, with the capability for a group to update it as needed. www.bookbuddy.org.uk

Elaine Fletcher Yoga

A clear and simple HTML-based site to advertise Elaine Fletcher’s Yoga practice.

The design was adapted from an existing template and is updated regularly with a changing program of events. www.elainefletcheryoga.co.uk

Rose Frain

An independent artist based in Edinburgh Scotland and exhibiting nationally and internationally, ongoing project is This Time in History. Works, often realised as immersive environments, are site responsive and intensively researched. Individual two and three dimensional works are also made. Formats and materials are appropriate to the context.

This is a custom-built site, using a lot of consultation with the customer, to get it exactly right. Built using CSS and HTML as a static site that has a lot of reusable elements which makes it easier to expand and maintain. www.rosefrain.com

Stephen Baird

A webiste built from an HTML template showcasing a photographers work.

This site uses CSS, HTML and Javascript to achieve flexibility and it’s gallery effects. Again it’s modularity enables quick and easy updates. www.stephenbaird.co.uk

Wicked Words

A way to update quickly and easily from multiple devices with the ability to link social media feeds made WordPress the obvious choice for this book blogger. www.wickedwords.co.uk