Lack of Resolution

I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you.

“I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you.”

I’m getting into a terrible habit of really getting into a television series, really enjoying it, and then finding out that it’s been cancelled.

This leaves me with no resolution to a lot of things; character arcs, plot lines, and a proper ending.

I used to really find this quite annoying but it’s sort of fun now to see how many shows I can curse by enjoying the first series!

Whilst I’m doing this I’m going to be writing a newsletter looking at all these shows that I’ve watched so far that just end leaving characters returned from hell and a main character with her throat ripped out!

I’m also going to count shows that had a film to tie things up, as they never really do (looking at you Firefly).

There will eventually be a list on this page linking to each newsletter, here are some off the top of my head.

  • Agent Carter
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Cursed
  • Deadly Class
  • Finding Carter
  • Firefly
  • Flashforward
  • Hannibal
  • The Irregulars
  • Jupiter’s Legacy
  • Kyle XY
  • Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
  • Manifest
  • No Tomorrow
  • October Faction
  • The Order
  • Prodigal Son
  • Sliders
  • The Society
  • Southland
  • Terra Nova
  • Truth Seekers
  • The Whispers