Ephemeral is a platform interested in short term projects and short form writing.

Whether this is in response to an event or thought, or this is your regular practice we would love to hear from you.

It could be a photography project, poem, short story, drawing, or other art form that you were inspired to create, whatever it is it could fit here.

Each project selected will get featured on the front page of the site for a short period of time, this is another ephemeral factor to be built into the project.

Also on the project page will be links to your website and social media to help people find more about you.

At the end of each year the most liked projects will be collected into an annual and distributed digitally and be available to be printed on demand.

All copyright stays with the original creator, though if you submit your work to Ephemeral you are giving us license to reproduce the work digitally on the website, Twitter, and the annual. Also physically in the annual.

You will also be allowing us to use your work for promotional activities for Ephemeral, but you as the creator will always be acknowledged as such.

Each project will be accompanied by a Ko-Fi and PayPal button and 80% of all income (after PayPal fees) will be paid to the project creator at the end of the projects time on the feature page, as will their share of 80% of any income that the annual produces if they are featured in it, this will be shared out equally amongst all the creators featured in the annual.

If you’re interested in getting a project included why not go to the contact page and find out how to submit your project.