About Me

Beardy Old Me
Beardy Old Me
I am a real magpie when it comes to work and hobbies, and have been all my life.

I initially started out in the building trade in Edinburgh but was advised to enter childcare as a profession, I then worked in various roles in education and spent 28 years working in residential education for children with autism.

I’m a self-taught photographer/artist who started taking photographs for a local community newspaper in the early 80s, I then gained an Honours Degree in Art History with the Open University to give a theoretical understanding of art, artists and my own practice. I have another website concentrating on my photography and art so not much of that will make its way onto this site stephenbaird.co.uk

Currently, I’m working for Waterstones in Darlington as a children’s bookseller, but I love reading most fiction and non-fiction. My reviews for books will be here and on Waterstones website.

This blog is a place for me to share my love of books, amongst other things.