Frontier stove

This is an old post from way back but I thought it would brighten my day up with thoughts of warmer weather.

Shanna was going to get me another tattoo for my fiftieth birthday this year, a lovely tree of life on my upper arm, but when we went to get a sketch done I wasn’t too impressed with the picture that was made to go with it and put the decision off for a week or so.

The next day we went to the HomeGrown Food Festival and after lunch we were wandering around and saw the Frontier Stove by Anevay. After a little think I decided that I would love this as an early birthday present.

I fired it up last Monday to see how it worked and to heat up dinner, but tonight we cooked on it from scratch. The main part of the meal was griddled mackerel fillets with samphire. We also had potato salad with thyme flowers (both from the allotment) with a gooseberry, rhubarb and sage relish (again all ingredients from the allotment).

This really has helped us enjoy the outside space at the house and makes it feel like another room in the house, we spent hours out there this evening and are both looking forward to crisp autumnal evenings with the stove pumping out heat and toasting marshmallows.

Another reason for getting this was its portability, we can take it to the allotment or on holiday with us, much easier to use than a barbeque and with more functionality than a chiminea or fire pit.

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  1. Rose says:

    The stove looks functional and neat.

    -and the meal sounds delicious.
    (I’m having a fresh mackerel this evening, cooked ‘en papillote’ and accompanied by beetroot, tenderstem brocolli and soffrito with fresh thyme. No allotment – no relish!)

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